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Why People Love Us

Customer:  Dana Parks
Location:  Los Angeles, CA

Customer comments:    I recently hired Ory's Hardwood Floors to install a prefinished maple hardwood floor at my residence.  Ory was helpful and pleasant to work with.  His crew arrived on schedule, and worked quickly to install 70 boxes of flooring throughout the house, including the kitchen.  I also had two flights of hardwood stairs installed, and Ory created a matching maple ledge on top of a short wall.  The floor, stairs, and ledge came as unfinished boards, and had to be hand finished.  The floors, stairs, and ledge all match perfectly.  Ory's crew installed base boards and door moldings after the floor was in place.     

     I recommended Ory to one of my colleagues, who had him install a maple floor in her home.  She tells me that it is the only aspect of her house remodeling that she is pleased with!  One of my neighbors saw Ory's floor at my house and now she is planning to have him install floors and stairs at her home.

     I am very pleased with the work of Ory's Hardwood Floors, and am happy to recommend Ory to others.